Top Callaway Golf Shoes

Like most sports, Golf has its own kind of shoes. They are specialized to go through certain terrain and surfaces such as grass, dirt, dust and more.

Callaway Golf has developed some of the finest golf products for the sport. They have utilized the best technology and crafted their equipment to optimize each of its full potential. Their products range from clubs to apparel and many more; all of them created to maximize your game play.

Callaway golfGolf shoes are essential in the game. These kinds of footwear are designed to keep the golfer stable during the play and to withstand certain terrain and weather.

Callaway Golf is no stranger to manufacturing high-quality footwear for pros and beginners. Below are some of the great golf shoes that the brand has to offer.

Chev Comfort Saddle Golf Shoes

The Chev Comfort Saddle is very chic and sturdy. The footwear is designed with ortholite bed to make it comfortable to wear. Callaway uses its own technology to keep their shoes, including this one, to make it efficient and stylish. The synthetic leather is what makes the shoe look vintage.

Callaway Golf uses the Chevron Comfort Spikes to optimize the footwear’s effectiveness in the given terrain, making it ideal to walk on and off the course.

The pair is also waterproof which makes it easier for the player to go through wet surfaces and rainy seasons.

XTT Saddle Golf Shoes

This is probably one of Callaway’s best selling golf shoes. The XTT Saddle utilizes extra traction (or in their terms: Xtra Traction) to stabilize your stance on the course.

Provided with ortholite footbed and RainSport Waterproof Membrane, the XTT Saddle is ready for anything that it will traverse! The full grain leather makes this strong and stylish at the same time.

Chev Aero Golf Shoes

This pair of golf shoes provides lightness to your feet. The Chev Aero is ‘the’ lightweight shoe for both serious and avid golfers.

The main feature of this Callaway golf shoe is the 7 Big Bertha Asymmetrical Spikes, which provides much more grip on the surface than most golf shoes do. The Airmesh, Soft Microfiber, and Lightweight EVA comfort midsole make the Chev more comfortable, breathable and light. Like other Callaway shoes, it also has Ortholite Comfort Insert to make the footing more stable.

2014 X Nitro Golf Shoes

The 2014 X Nitro is one of the finest golf shoes that Callaway has developed recently. It’s light, comfortable and secure. The 2014 X Nitro has virtually everything you need for you’re a-game!

The Lightweight Dual Density EVA midsole and TPU outsole maximizes your stability and comfort as you wear the pair anytime and anywhere. The 2014 X Nitro has waterproof full grain leather, provided by RainSport/DrySport Waterproof Technology, to make this shoe strong and chic.

Chev Comfort Shoes

This pair is for those golfers who really want to look good out in the field. The Chev Comfort is your ideal stylish golf shoes!

The footwear is provided with Rubber Comfort Traction outsole and Rubber Engineered Traction Comfort spikes to give efficiency on the course. Provided with Callaway Comfort insert and Lightweight EVA Comfort midsole, the Chev Comfort surely lives up to its name.

All of Callaway Golf shoes are manufactured by the brand’s latest technology to create their top-of-the-line golf shoes for all kinds of golfers. The best way to know the right kind of footwear to purchase is by knowing the features and the capabilities.

Callaway has constantly been a pioneer in the game of golf, which makes the brand one of the most trusted ones out there.