Insert Coin, Take the Challenge: Design Your Challenge Coins!

Challenge coins are not just some medallion or piece of metal with the carving of an organization’s logo on it. These objects carry significant weight and purpose with them. They have “important” written all over them. They mean something to employees who receive them and they do something to an organization. They have that power to boost an organization’s morale, motivating people to strive harder and aim higher.

Because these coins should be significant, their image should reflect that significance. Thus, coins must have an image especially tailored to exude the prestige of an organization. Of course, this depends on what kind of organization will make use of the coins. A corporate coin needs the look of class and regality. A military coin should show patriotism. So on and so forth.

To fulfill the requirements of an organization’s challenge coins, most manufacturers follow a protocol that allows organizations full creative freedom in the design of their coins.

The clients themselves handpick their coin designs. They select from a vast array of options as to how their coins should appear. Regardless of whether these coins are made for the military, the police, the fire department or corporations, customers have the same amount of freedom in designing their coins.

challenge coinsFor the convenience of the clients, the designing of challenge coins is done in a step-by-step manner. The first step requires the client to send their design ideas to the coin maker. This submission may come as a picture, an illustration, a 3D model, or as a written description. This is where the client specifies how the coin would appear. Here, the client notes down what text appears where, what logo appears where, how they should appear, what colors to use, etc. The client sends to them this description via email.

Next, clients choose the shape of their coins. Shape choices include the common round, polygonal, dog tag, and square. Customers can also choose how large or small their coins would be. The sizes available range from 1.5 inches to 3 inches in diameter. Depending on the type of metal used in making the coin, some sizes within that range may be unavailable.

After this step comes the selection of metals to be used in making the coins. Clients are provided with quite an assortment of choices when it comes to the type of metal to be used. Both polished and antique metals are options from which the customer can choose from. To be more specific, the available metal styles are Polished or Antique Gold, Polished or Antique Silver, Polished or Antique Bras, Polished or Antique Copper, Black Nickel Metal and Duo-Tone Metal. The weight and feel of the coins will depend on the kind of metal used in making them. Aside from these, clients also have the option of adding diamond cut edges to their coins in a variety of styles. These include the standard edge, the rope cut edge, the cross cut edge, the wave cut edge, and the oblique cut edge. Having these diamond cut edges adds more flair, finesse, and style to the overall appearance of the coin.

Finally, customers may choose to add more options to come with their challenge coins. A very flexible range of choices are available, such as applying epoxy coating or adding 3D designs. They can also choose to have custom shapes, keychain attachments, or engraved text on the edge for their coins. They can even turn their coins into bottle openers!

Clients can also choose how they want their coins packaged. Their choices include a Standard PVC Pouch, a Velvet Bag, a Velvet Presentation Box, a Coin Capsule, or a Custom Pouch Insert.

With so many styles and options to choose from, clients can surely have unique and special challenge coins that will perfectly carry the pride of their company and serve their purpose for the benefit of everyone in an organization.